Rugby Equipment - Rugby Arial Supports

Designed to assist safe and efficient support of lineout jumpers.

Developed and extensively tested and refined by international rugby player Deacon Manu

they have quickly become a key training aid for all levels, including many of New Zealand’s leading elite players.

Heavy duty neoprene fabric with rubber lifting block.

Available sizes Small, Medium, Large.

“Aerial Supports™ are an excellent breakthrough in rugby training. They have really improved my kick off and lineout jumping ability. I find them to be comfortable, easy to get on and off, sturdy and a real time saver when preparing for training. They have definitely helped my game and the bonus is I no longer have to spend a lot of time strapping up my legs with tape for set piece training drills. This gives me more time to train and saves money on tape. I only wish they had been around earlier as it is really simple idea and perfect for set piece rugby lifting."

- Chris Jack, International Rugby Player.

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