Rugby Training Equipment: SAVE £££ on Rugby Training Kit UK

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SlugaRuga is a rugby equipment manufacturer and supplier based in Scotland UK with over 40 years experience.

We help you save money when buying rugby equipment.

We supply rugby clothing, rugby training equipment, gilbert rugby equipment, rugby shirts, rugby balls, kooga gear, kinesio tape, rugby protection and a lot more!

We always supply the rugby product or rugby service you require at the best available price.

Take ONE minute to contact us now by This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or use our simple quote form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Rugby Training Equipment   XLR8 Speed & Agility   Gym, Rehab & Medical   Technique Development
Buy rugby equipment
from tackle bags to
custom scrum machines.
Ladders, fitness
& speed training
rugby equipment.
Gym, first aid, recovery
& medical supplies to
enable fitness recovery.
Rugby equipment designed
by experts to improve
player technique.

Get The Lowest Quote For Your Rugby Product

Gilbert, SlugaRuga, KooGa, Aramis playing and training rugby balls.
Custom rugby equipment repair, safety checks, design & manufacture.
Post protector pads, flags perimeter ad wedges, posts and more.
Official Supplier for Kinesio. Innovative sports tape takes strain off muscles. Buy cheap!

Leisure & Tour Clothing   Safety Pads & Padding   Coaching & Instruction   Protection & Accessories
Branded Clothing,
Embroidery, Fleeces,
Polo Shirts, Custom Kilts.
Sports and non-sports
organisations benefit
from safety pads.
Buy Rugby Coaching Books, DVDs, CDs, manuals and more.
Buy Rugby wax, mouthguards, shoulder pads, head protection, touch judge flags.


Traditional shirts made from 50/50 poly cotton fabric or 100% acrylic fabric.

Top quality rugby shorts available for less.
More info here.

Standard or Heavyweight quality. 100% Nylon or with a Cotton/Nylon foot.
Ask us about SlugaRuga top quality warm up and rainwear clothing for players.



Our Rugby Equipment Quote System Saves You Money

If you do an online search for "rugby equipment" you'll find plenty of shops to choose from.

What makes SlugaRuga different?

To answer this question you need to understand a little bit about online shopping. It's not too difficult to create a rugby product database with a shopping cart system which will process your payment details as soon as you place an order. 

What's the problem with that you may ask? Well, quite often with some online retailers the product you've paid for isn't actually in stock but now that you've paid for it, it's OK for them to order it in regardless of stated delivery times, whether there's a new model about to come out or if it isn't quite suited to your needs. If you've ever experienced a delay after purchasing goods online you'll know what this means - frustration. 

We aim to remove that frustration by tailoring every order to your own unique requirements and in doing so help you save money.

What would be the best solution for the customer?

In relation to rugby equipment, clubs and organisations are always under pressure to get the maximum value they can out of their budget. To achieve this, it makes more sense to contact rugby equipment suppliers like SlugaRuga and before you consider spending a penny, get some free first class advice as to what exactly you need.

No call center operator in the UK will know as much about rugby equipment as we do with over 40 years experience in the game. With us there's never any hard sell. If we don't think you need it, we won't recommend it. 

Growth of Price Comparison Websites

From car insurance to holidays, price comparison websites are growing in popularity. If it's rugby equipment you're after, once you've contacted us by phone or email for a quote, SlugaRuga will quickly find you the lowest price or best value for money option and contact you with that information. Then you are in a position to make an informed choice as to whether you believe this is the best value for money for your club or organisation. Likewise, individuals can benefit from the best rugby equipment advice around.

Before you contact anyone you'll probably ask yourself, "which rugby equipment supplier can I trust to provide what I want without any problems?

Trust and confidence are vital. That's why we're growing as a company, because more people are discovering the fantastic benefits of our quote system. From post protector padding at Murrayfield, to Glasgow rugby school scrum machines, and even the physio supplies at several Scottish rugby clubs, SlugaRuga is there behind the scenes helping grassroots rugby get what it needs at a price it can afford. 

Can You Afford Not To Contact SlugaRuga For Your Rugby Equipment? 




Can't Afford It? Try Rugby Equipment Repair

Growing up within a local club environment, you appreciate how difficult it is for any rugby club to survive financially.

"We can't afford it" is a common phrase heard.

The great thing about SlugaRuga is that not only can we supply first class rugby training equipment to those on a budget, we also offer a complete manufacturing, repair and renovation service too.

While other online retailers will always try to persuade you to buy new, if you can't afford it then consider having your rugby training equipment looked at by an expert. We've done safety checks, sourced parts and repaired rugby gear throughout Scotland and the rest of the U.K.

We've even fixed equipment to almost-as-good-as-new standard when the original manufacturer wasn't interested in helping a particluar club out - looking for them to buy new when they couldn't afford it. We always provide an honest appraisal of which equipment can be safely renovated and that which is beyond repair. Our experience of player and coach needs, as well as strong safety considerations, means that you're in safe hands with SlugaRuga. 

Custom Rugby Equipment Manufacturers

Our expertise allows us to provide a professional design and manufacturing service for rugby training equipment. From custom rugby scrum machines to custom rugby rucking machines, we can design and build it to your individual requirements.

We have received orders from all over the world because we know that you are only as good as your last project. 

Innovation, safety and practicality are the cornerstones of what we do. If your club or organisation is considering investing in custom rugby training equipment, contact SlugaRuga today to discuss what we can do to help you save money without cutting corners. 

Rugby equipment manufacturing is our specialty and we pride ourselves on being highly competitive and achieving the highest standards so that our products can stand shoulder to shoulder beside the biggest brand names in rugby.


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