Book: "Complete Conditioning For Rugby"

Modern rugby requires you to have speed, strength, agility, endurance, and power in order to excel. Few sports demand such diverse physical attributes, and no book so comprehensively addresses how to develop them specifically for the sport, until now.

Complete Conditioning for Rugby features first-hand insights from Dan Luger, English rugby star. Luger teams up with leading strength and conditioning coach Paul Pook to provide the very best in conditioning know-how. They present more than 120 position-specific drills and exercises that will help you excel in any match situation you will face:

• Increase speed and agility to succeed in today’s expansive game.
• Build strength to help drive in the tackle and dominate in the ruck or maul.
• Improve endurance to compete to the final whistle.

Survive the rigors of the sport and perform your best with Complete Conditioning for Rugby. You’ll find everything you need to get ahead of the pack.

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