Rugby Training Kit: XLR8 Speed Equipment - XLR8 Speed Ladders

4 Section Coloured Ladder:

Ideal for foot speed development.
Different colours allow easy identification on when to change foot drills.
Use joined together or individually.
Overall length 8m (4 x 2m coloured sections).


Round Rung Foot Speed Ladders:

Popular and widely used quickness enhancement product.
Available in 3 sizes: 1.7m – 4m – 8m.


Flat Fast Foot Ladder (Adjustable):

Ideal for use on hard surfaces, can be joined using press studs. Overall length 8m (2 x 4m sections).
Set the rung spaces to suit the age of participants or your training goals.

Blue markings set the rungs at 30cm (suitable for young children).

Yellow markings set the rungs at the standard 40cm.

Use narrow spacing for small children or to challenge your athletes with short and rapid quick steps for greater body control and challenge.

Experienced ladder users can mix the settings for even greater overload.

For example alternate between 30cm and 40cm spaces. Includes carry bag and instruction manual.


Soft Rung Ladder:

Designed for use on hard surfaces. Weighted ends avoid ladder travel when in use.
Can be attached to other ladders using the Velcro fastenings. Size 4m.


Agility Cross Ladder.

Innovative new training system that will literally add hundreds of new and challenging running patterns to your training armoury. Constructed of red, blue, yellow and green 2m lengths. Permanently set in cross formation. Includes carry bag and instruction manual.


Speed Agility Ladder:

A set of cones and poles, can be set out in many drills.

Versatile for introduction of speed mechanics and for advanced plyometric and agility skills.

Kit comprises 20 cones and 10 poles.


Super Agility Coloured Ladder DVD:

Fire up your foot speed ability with this comprehensive training drills DVD.

Contains 67 drills and 11 unique layout formations.

Running time 25 minutes


Plyo-X The Plyo-X™:

Cross shape formation provides unlimited options for jumping, running and foot speed patterns for all levels.

The four colour design allows coaches to add vision based commands and progressions for an even more challenging workout.

Perfect for joint re-education and pro-prioception in a functional rehabilitation setting as it allows for safe running and jumping progressions in a controlled safe zone.

Constructed of soft flat PVC, simply fold up and pack in the carry bag for easy storage and transport.



Discounted education value set offering great savings and quality resource material.
Includes: 1 x Plyo- x, 1 x Carry Bag, 1 x Manual, 1 x Drill Card Set.

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