Rugby Equipment - Rugby Crazy Catch

Crazy Catch was invented in New Zealand by Andrew Sinclair.

In perfecting the "insane" response, the nets are rigorously tested.

If you want to be No.1 in your sport, train hard using Crazy Catch.

Prepare for the unpredictable with Crazy Catch!

3 sizes available: Upstart, WildChild, Original.

Upstart: Convenient smaller size for indoor or outdoor use - take it to the beach or park for lots of fun.
Great for all ages and stages.
Size: 750mm(w) x 750mm(h). Weight: 5kg.

WildChild: Ideal size for indoor or outdoor use and convenient to take to the beach or park.
Excellent choice for the aspiring or elite athlete.
Size: 860mm(w) x 860mm(h). Weight: 7kg.

Original: Large target are and heavy duty design makes the Original ideal for group use,
at schools, sports clubs, or in the backyard for neighbourhood challenges!
Great for practicing longer distance throwing and catching.
Size: 1300mm(w) x 1080mm(h). Weight: 10kg.

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