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First Aid Kits for Sport

First Aid Kits

Looking for gym, rehab or medical supplies?

We supply a wide range of fitness and medical products at low prices.

For first aid kits and more rugby accessories, ask SlugaRuga for a quote.

We support grassroots rugby across the UK.

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1 Inflatable Ice Bath
2 Balance Dome
3 Punch Pads
4 Heavy Medicine Ball
5 KOOLPAK: Team First Aid Kit
6 Medicine Ball Sling
7 Balance Board
8 Balance Air Cushion
9 Rocker Board
10 KOOLPAK: Instant Ice Pack
11 Active Medicine Ball
12 Gymfit Ball
13 KOOLPAK: Instant Hot Pack
14 Strength Training Anatomy Book
15 Kettle Bells
16 Punch Bags and Mitts
17 Gymfit Ball Training Video
18 Double Grip Medicine Ball
19 Strength Ball Training Book
20 KOOLPAK: Touchline Bags
21 Wobble Board
22 Skipping Rope 9 Ft.