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First Aid Kits for Sport

First Aid Kits

Looking for gym, rehab or medical supplies?

We supply a wide range of fitness and medical products at low prices.

For first aid kits and more rugby accessories, ask SlugaRuga for a quote.

We support grassroots rugby across the UK.

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1 Inflatable Ice Bath
2 Balance Dome
3 Punch Pads
4 Heavy Medicine Ball
5 KOOLPAK: Team First Aid Kit
6 Medicine Ball Sling
7 Balance Board
8 KOOLPAK: Instant Ice Pack
9 Rocker Board
10 Balance Air Cushion
11 Gymfit Ball
12 Active Medicine Ball
13 KOOLPAK: Instant Hot Pack
14 Kettle Bells
15 Punch Bags and Mitts
16 Strength Training Anatomy Book
17 Double Grip Medicine Ball
18 Gymfit Ball Training Video
19 KOOLPAK: Touchline Bags
20 Strength Ball Training Book
21 Wobble Board
22 Skipping Rope 9 Ft.